Top 3 Reasons Companies Apply for Business Loan

Posted by Aaron Sarmiento on 21 September, 2018

What are the top 3 reasons for applying for financing?

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It is true that not every reason is a good reason to go into debt for your business, that doesn’t mean that good reasons don’t exist. If your business is ready to take a leap, here are 3 reasons to apply for a Business Loan that you might want to consider.


1. Securing Funds for Business Expansion

This is probably the best reason to need a loan. After all, it means you have already have a successful business and need extra financing to take the next step. Borrowing to expand your business can be a great idea. However, you should still be frugal. Only borrow what you absolutely need. And don’t fall for the myth that you can’t expand your business without debt.

Engaging a finance broker like 1800Approved would make the job even easier allowing you to compare a panel of 40+ lenders in just one application. It even saves you from the negative impact on your credit score that comes with multiple credit enquiries showing up on your credit file.

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2. Paying for Operating Expenses

Needing money to pay for operating expenses, also known as working capital, is common, particularly for start-ups and businesses that operate in seasonal industries. Although paying for operating expenses is a valid reason to get a loan, it’s not sustainable. So, it needs to be combined with a realistic business plan to reduce costs or increase revenue.

Purchasing equipment that can improve your business offering is typically a no brainer for financing. You need certain machinery, IT equipment or other tools to make your product or perform your service, and you need a loan to finance that equipment. Plus, if you take out equipment financing, the equipment itself can often serve as collateral for a loan -- similar to a car loan.


3. Paying out Credit Lines

Paying for existing debt is a challenge for new businesses struggling to reach profitability or for established businesses with poor cash flow. A short-term loan  to cover debt payment can make sense if you know business will pick up soon. Otherwise, you should probably consider a loan refinance or debt consolidation loan.


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