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🌍World's Greatest Drives - Arizona's Monument Valley - Drive like a Movie Star

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In the USA, near the Arizona-Utah border, Scenic Byway 163 travels northeast through Monument Valley.

👀 Gridlock Averted. Future Transport: A commute you’ll look forward to

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Organisations, city authorities and even governments are increasingly investing in happier, healthier, calmer and more creative workers. We’ll be seeing public-transport bodies, car companies and high-tech firms design a new wave of commuting services that support creative productivity.


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Want to spend more time on the waves and less time paddling and ducking under waves? Make that a reality with the Jetsurf. 

It's not quite a jet ski, not quite a surfboard. It's something in between.

The Jetsurf, constructed in Czech Republic, has hit Australian shores.

🏍Need to Finance Your New Harley?

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🚘Car Sharing Grows quickly in Australia


Australia's cities are growing at a massive rate, but the space for those new residents to live in is limited. That means that owning a car won't always be possible — now or even more so in the future — for a lot of people. Hence, car-sharing. Sydney is one of the world's most car-sharing friendly cities.Tens of thousands fewer cars are being driven within the Sydney CBD. Those cars replaced by less than a thousand car-sharing vehicles.

🏍Want to be a Better Bike Rider ?

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If you're on two wheels, becoming a better rider is usually on your mind each and every day. We all strive to improve our skills in order to keep us safe and the motorists around us. However, aside from riding skills, it's also important to adjust your attitude while riding on the city streets or on a long stretch of highway.

🌍World's Greatest Drives -  Scotland's Glencoe to Fort William

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If you’re one of the 55% of visitors to Scotland whose main reason is to enjoy its landscape and scenery – the most popular reason cited by visitors, then this article is for you. For a small country Scotland boasts some of the most scenic roads in the world.  Compared to the rest of the UK and many places in Europe, of course, it’s far quieter and with more open, empty roads to enjoy.

❌Car Loan Application Declined ?

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You’ve decided to buy a new car. However, you know you will buy a better vehicle if you can obtain car finance. It’s a sensible decision. First of all, you need to obtain a loan. When your first application with your bank or a finance company may potentially be declined, it’s tempting to start submitting applications elsewhere. Surely, one of them must be successful eventually? Wrong. The truth is that this is potentially the worst possible thing you could do.

🥂 Finance your New Ute today

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4 More 🍆🍆🍆🍆 Super-Sexy Muscle Cars

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1. The Pontiac GTO

😆Lower Interest Rates for Challenging Credit Histories

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If your credit score is on the low side and you are thinking of financing a car, it is an inconvenient truth that you will be paying a higher interest rate compared to those people with good credit. There are ways to get a much lower interest rate despite a low credit score.

🌏2017 Holden Astra - Holden enters a Brave New World

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Holden has set itself a mountain to climb with the new 2017 Astra. The nameplate is ingrained into the Australian psyche. With local production accounting for most of Holden's sales, the General aims to place the overseas-built Astra as the flagship of Holden’s passenger car offerings.

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🤠The Ute - an Aussie Icon

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🌍World's Greatest Drives - 🌴Cairns to Port Douglas🌴

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It is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Australia - Far North Queensland own "Great Ocean Road" up and it is easily just as good as the Victorian one!

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