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🚗Best Cars for Inner City Driving

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Australia is known for it’s vast outback with open roads and going off-the-beaten-track. It is also, however, filled with large mega-cities dotted around the country. It is only natural for us to ...

😎 Nissan Qashqai - Stylish & Well-Equipped. For the record, its pronounced 'cash-kye' 😎

Car Loans, Future

The Qashqai is the larger of two small SUVs Nissan sells (the other being the quirkily-styled Juke). It costs less than a slightly larger X-Trail but is better equipped and a far more stylish ...

Need a Good Deal? Save💰?

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Allow 1800Approved to assist in financing the car of your future. 

🕰Back to Your Future. Car Loans with Time to Spare ⌛️ 1800Approved.

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Allow 1800Approved to assist in financing the car of your future. 

2017 Honda Civic Type R 🏎 Hot & Fast

Car Loans, Future, Insider

Sleek, fast and hot, the 2017 Honda Civic Type R was unleashed at the Australian Grand Prix in March. Expected to be in Australian showrooms by October, why not get a finance pre-approval with ...

🚗 Advantages & Disadvantages of Micro/Smart Cars

Future, Car Loans

We’ve all seen them, the cute little cars that only seat two people and are sometimes in very vibrant colors (such as lime green, grape purple or fire engine red, for example).

🚙Skoda Kodiaq enters the Australian 7 seater SUV market

Car Loans, Insider, Future

The Kodiaq is a pivotal car for Skoda, taking it confidentially into the burgeoning Australian 7-seater SUV market with the brand’s trademark blend of qualities: discreet styling, generous ...

🏍5 More of the World's Fastest Motorcycles

Future, Motorcycle Loans, motorcycles

5 more jaw-droppingly, face-peelingly quick, great, fast bikes in our series of World's Fastest Motorcyles; 1. BMW K1200-S The K1200-S is a high performance sports bike, manufactured by BMW. The ...

👀 Gridlock Averted. Future Transport: A commute you’ll look forward to

Future, Insider

Organisations, city authorities and even governments are increasingly investing in happier, healthier, calmer and more creative workers. We’ll be seeing public-transport bodies, car companies and ...

🚘Car Sharing Grows quickly in Australia


Australia's cities are growing at a massive rate, but the space for those new residents to live in is limited. That means that owning a car won't always be possible — now or even more so in the ...

😎🤣😎5 more Emoji-Only Car reviews

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Here are 5 more in 1800Approved's series of emoji-only car reviews;

🙃Top 5 Emoji-Only Car Reviews

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🔆Darwin to Adelaide Solar Car Race featured in new US movie "Dream Big"


Australian engineering students building the next generation of more efficient solar cars for this year's Darwin to Adelaide race are excited about a new IMAX movie that will showcase the event to an ...

 📱 + 🚗 = 💥 The "Textalyser"

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1800Approved is proud to support road safety measures.

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