⛵️ Top 10 questions to ask yourself when considering Boat Finance

Posted by Ken Edwards on 2 August, 2017

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Here are 1800Approved's Top 10 questions to ask yourself when considering Boat Finance;

1. New Boat or Used Boat ?


2. What will you use the boat for? (e.g. recreational, skiing, fishing, cruising, sailing or commercial) Boats are designed for particular activities in terms of safety and performance.


3. Where do you plan to go boating? (e.g. inland or coastal). Boats designed for inland waterways might not be suited to your coastal waters.


4. What size boat do you need? The correct size will depend on the number of passengers, load capacity and the boating conditions.


5. Are you equipped to move the boat? Ensure the car and trailer you use is capable of transporting your boat and check the number of people required to launch the boat.


6. Is the boat properly equipped for your needs? (e.g. safety gear and amenities) The required safety equipment is essential for safety and comfort.


7. What engine power is right for the boat? Boats have both minimum power needs and maximum power limitations.


8. What should the boat be made of? (e.g. fibreglass, aluminium, wood, inflatable) The hull composition may depend on how and where you use, maintain and store your boat.


9. Do you know how to operate your boat safely? It’s important that the boat you want to buy is within your training and skill level.


10. Finance or Cash ? When considering your boat purchase, evaluating finance options is not always high on the list of priorities, although it should be.


Just as the boats you’re looking at come with many environmental, size and power options, there are also more finance options available than you might have imagined.  Choosing the right finance package can potentially make your pleasure boat more pleasurable.


At 1800Approved, we’d love to help you with your new or used boat purchase. We are winner of Australia's Asset Finance Broker for 2016 and have helped thousands of individuals and businesses finance cars, boats, jet-skis, trucks and equipment. Contact us for an obligation-free assessment on 1800 277 768.

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