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                             Pre-Approved Boat Loans

It is always advisable to get pre-approved before visting any dealership, whether you're buying a boat, jetski, a car, a caravan, or any motor vehicle. Don't waste your time looking at boats that are out of your budget.


                             Boat Finance Options

Secured Boat Loan - Just like a car loan, the boat loan is used as security. This type of loan is preferred by many because of the lower interest rate.

Commercial Boat Loan- We assist businesses secure a boat loan that best suits their needs. Different factors are taken into account if a boat loan is for business purposes.

Options include Chattel Mortgage, hire purchase, lease, or rental.

Private Sale Boat Loan - If you found a great deal from a private seller, we can assist you as well. Our lenders will finance new or used boats.


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