Why Every Australian Deserves To Own Leisure Goods

Posted by Jane Clothier on 16 September, 2015


There’s a reason that Australia is known as the lucky country. As Australians, we know about hard work, but we also know about leisure time. And luckily, our country provides the perfect environment for a range of wonderful outdoor activities.


The view we hold at 1800 Approved is that leisure time is a right. You work hard, so why shouldn’t you enjoy the benefits that come with it?


Banks will lend you money to buy a new car, not because it’s a luxury item, but because it’s seen as essential. If you haven’t a car, you may not be able to get to work.


We’re not like that. We believe that if you can buy a bike, boat, caravan or jet ski, you can get to enjoy yourself, whether on this wonderful land or out on the water.


We’ll go even further. We don’t just approve of leisure goods – we love them (and we own plenty ourselves.)

Some people will say you should wait and save up, so you can buy outright. Well, we all know about retiring and hitting the road in a caravan, but we could also ask why you should wait so long. Whether you’re into caravanning, boating, fishing, or just hitting the open road on a motorbike – the sooner you get started, the better.


Enjoy it while you’re young enough to do it well, we say.


You probably love life on the water, as it’s a vital part of life for many Australians, whether with jet-skis, yachts, dinghies or boats. Or maybe you’re dreaming of a new bike and feeling the lure of the open (surfaced or dirt) road. Or perhaps you want to visit the Top End, or escape every few weeks to see the rest of your state? Owning a caravan, motorhome or camper means the freedom of taking your home on the road.


It's all possible, but first, you have to organise the finance. Whether you’re buying a bike, boat, jet ski or caravan, new from a dealership or used from a private individual, we can help you with a tailored finance, insurance and warranty solution.


We work with over 40 independent lenders to find the best deals, lowest interest rates and best chance of being approved. Your chances of finding finance through us are better than most bank or direct financial institutions, and our interest rates are lower.


We’ll say it again: we love leisure goods, almost as much as you love enjoying them. Talk to us at 1800Approved on 1800 277 768 or use the Quick Quote today.