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Different Types of Caravans You Might Consider for Financing

Full Caravans

This is the classic and the most common type of carvan. It is a popular choice because of the ease of use. There is virtually no setup needed, just haul it, park it and you're good to go.

Billabong Full Caravan Financing

Pop Out Caravans

These take a little more time to set up but you have way more space than the conventional full caravan. Great for bigger families or if you like to have more room to move around in.

Avida Pop Out Caravan Loans

Wind Up and Out Carvan

This is like a trailer that is light enough to haul around. The amount of time needed to set up though makes it impractical to wind it up at a rest stop.


Wind up caravans are surprisingly spacious once set up but you have to do it at your destination. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting hours just to set it up and then winding it back down.

Goldstream Wind up and Out Caravan Loan


If you do not like the idea of towing then a motorhome is for you. No set up needed. You can just park it anywhere and your “home” is ready. On the downside, your “home” is with you wherever you go.


If you want to go sightseeing near the campsite you have no choice but to bring the motorhome with you. Some Motorhomes provide facilities for carrying Motorcycles or Bicycles onboard with you to make your sightseeing easier.

Jayco Motorhome Loan

Fifth Wheel Campers

Much like the full caravan, however at a whole new level. These are very spacious and luxurious campers. These could have a full kitchen, lazy boy seats, wide screen TVs, queen sized bed and lots of storage space. You’ll forget it’s a camper when you’re inside.


The only downside is that it is so huge that some campsites won’t be able to accommodate it.


If you’d like to see them first hand you can visit the nearest campsite and take a look around. Most caravan owners are more than happy to show you their prized possessions. Whatever your choice we have caravan finance companies ready to assist you.

Winnebago Fifth Wheel Camper Loan
Caravan Finance Rate

Caravan Loan Interest Rates

Our goal is to find you the best deal with the lowest interest rate possible. We are partnered with over 40 lenders and we will help you choose from among the best quotes they provide. Interest rates vary from lender to lender. We are here to help every step of the way to get you the best deal.

Caravan Loan Calculator

Caravan Finance Calculator

If you want to calculate repayments yourself, try our carvan finance calculator. Bear in mind that the figures are estimates and the actual loan may vary depending on your individual circumstances. Please contact us and we can provide a more accurate figure personalised to you. Absolutely no obligation.

Bad Credit?

No worries, we will help you find a lender that offers bad credit carvan finance.

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