🚗 Advantages & Disadvantages of Micro/Smart Cars

Posted by Ken Edwards on 28 August, 2017

Smart Car Low Interest Loan AustraliaWe’ve all seen them, the cute little cars that only seat two people and are sometimes in very vibrant colors (such as lime green, grape purple or fire engine red, for example).


Many people love how cute they are, but they have other advantages as well. Here our list of the pros and cons of these Smart/Micro Cars;

First, the good things;


1. Smart cars are not as noisy as normal sized cars.

Being able to drive a car that does not contribute to noise pollution is definitely a plus.


2. Much less parking space required. Some Smart cars can be parked perpendicularly, rather than having to parallel park.


3. Low Environmental Impact - Smart Cars don’t use as much fuel as regular sized cars. In most cases, they use far less. Many micro cars are hybrid cars, or even electric.


4. Injury Reduction  & Accident Prevention because of their size. Since they are so small, they aren’t going to do as much damage. With enough of these little cars on the road, issues with regard to hazards of hurting others actually decreases.


5. Cheap to run. Clearly.

And now...... for some the downsides........


1. Australia is big. Bloody big. You cannot take a Smart car on a cross country trip and maybe not even safely on the freeway. This could be a real concern for those who travel from the 'burbs to the inner city. In that case, a micro mini or Smart car might only be good for driving to the park-and-ride and then catching the bus or train into urban areas.


2. Smart cars are typically only big enough to seat 2 people. This can be a real issue if you have a family of 4. Since they are not really geared towards families, this can be a decided disadvantage to owning one. Its just not practical.


3. Smart cars may not be safe if you get into a crash with a larger, heavier vehicle. While supposedly the tridion frame of the Smart car will protect passengers, all car manufacturers claim they have the state of the art safety technology.. Therefore, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt. Its a little car that may not end in a good state if in a bingle with a semi-trailer on the freeway. As we mentioned earlier, you're not going to take it on the freeway anyway, correct ?


However you feel about the Smart car there is no denying the fact that it is innovative and growing in popularity, particularly in North America and Europe.  Its inevitable hat these vehicles will populate Australia's largest cities like Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane more-and-more in the near future. Do your own research before purchasing any vehicle. Do some test drives and talk to owners. Your car will be your car and the only opinion that matters is yours.


If you are a single person or a couple and you don’t have to drive on the freeway, a Smart or Micro Vehicle could be a wonderful investment that will definitely help the environment and save you tasks of money in the long run.


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