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Preparing Your Caravan For Easter – What To Do First

Posted by Jane Clothier on 12 February, 2016

Easter is only six weeks away and you’re probably thinking about disappearing for the long weekend. The caravan may have been closed up since Christmas so you know it’s going to take a bit of work to get it ready. No surprises: it’s going to need a thorough maintenance check, and possibly some repairs.

Preparing Caravan EasterWhat should you do first? Here are some useful tips to help you get started.

First, the exterior check.

  1. First comes the external clean. Give the caravan a wash to remove mould and dust, so you can see where the pain is peeling and any new spots of rust.
  2. Check inside for obvious signs of leaks. The hosing off will also show you where water may be coming in. This is the first job on the repairs list – quickly plug those leaks!
  3. With this done, open the windows and doors on a warm day, to freshen up the interior and dry it out.
  4. Next comes rust removal and greasing. Check the running gear, wheel hubs and bearings.
  1. How healthy are the tyres? See if they need replacing, or just inflating.
  2. And this couldn’t be more important: check the brakes on both the caravan AND the towing vehicle. Ensure the electric brake controller is connected and working.
  3. Now it’s time to check the coupling, safety chains and jockey wheel.
  4. … and to grease the corner steadies
  5. Test batteries and generators.


Now let’s go inside.

  1. Flush the entire system with running water, plus a steriliser. Check the tank for leaks too.
  2. The toilet: reinstall the cassette and check the seals. Lubricate if necessary.
  3. Connect the caravan to electricity and check all the power points and lights are working.
  4. If all’s good, connect the gas and refill the gas tanks. Test all the outlets.
  5. Are your fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detector working properly?
  6. Now check all your doors, handles and window latches. If they’re stiff, lubricate, and if they’r eloose, tighten them.


At last! It may have taken a while, but now you’re ready to do the spring clean and restock your supplies. The holiday is about to begin.

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Image: Ian Sutton on Flickr