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Buying a Used Ute for Your Business – How to Avoid the Pitfalls

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We Aussies love our utes – and with good reason! This fantastically versatile vehicle can do so much to support the business that the advantages to any company that needs to transport materials and equipment to various workplaces are obvious. However, the market is awash with nearly new and thoroughly used-up utes, meaning it’s very easy to make a mistake during the selection process.

A Quick Guide to Stamp Duty for Vehicle Purchases in Australia

Why so

 One of the easiest costs to overlook when considering buying a car, ute or truck is stamp duty. However, it’s an unavoidable expense that you really must budget for before starting your search for a new personal or commercial vehicle.

Why It’s Best to Get Pre-Approved Finance Before Choosing Your New Car

One of the best parts of car ownership is deciding what you want to buy and browsing the ‘for sale’ adverts online. It’s an exciting time and it’s hard to hold back, especially when you see The One – that top spec, low cost bargain that mustn’t be allowed to get away. The problem is, it often costs just a bit more than you’d bargained for.

Write a Business Plan Before Buying a Commercial Vehicle

When you set up a business, you clearly want it to succeed. Yet as in other areas of life, it’s all too easy to allow enthusiasm and excitement to rule what should be a very rational decision – which commercial vehicle to buy for your business.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Company Car

Choosing a company car for your business is an appealing prospect. It’s not just a piece of business equipment, as it also projects your business image to the rest of the world. Yet it's not all about image and you should make sure that your decision on which car to buy or lease is not simply an emotional one. Here are 5 points to factor into this important business decision.

5 Reasons Why a Car Loan is Better Than a Personal Loan

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When you’re considering buying a car, either brand new or used, finance in the form of a loan will enable you to buy upfront, so that you can benefit from the vehicle while repaying the loan.

Are Dashboard Information Systems Dangerous to Use While Driving?

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One of the biggest selling points in new vehicles is the in-car communication system, known as the telematics. These give today’s driver all the convenience of real time traffic information, concierge services such as travel and hospitality information, internet access, remote services and support, and emergency call services.

These systems can secure a sale, a fact that is leading car manufacturers to make them ever bigger and better. Screens in the dashboard are becoming larger, with interfaces that are more like smart phones than ever before.

This raises an issue: are interactive touch screens becoming a driver distraction that compromises safety?  With drivers already banned from using mobile phones on Australian roads, do distracting dashboard screens present the same type of hazard?

Manufacturers say that dashboard screens are far safer. Because they are bigger, they are easier to use. Their ergonomic position makes they easier to use, as the driver does not need to stretch out or lean forward to view them. Also, many have integrated voice controls, which means the driver can keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

This fails to satisfy critics, who say that the ‘added extras’, such as accommodation and hospitality details, encourage browsing rather than driving. No matter how easy the screens are to use, drivers still need to input information in order to find the answers. It is optimistic to think that all drivers will pull over in order to do so.

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