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🌍World's Greatest Drives - Col du Turini - France

Posted by Ken Edwards on 29 August, 2017

Col du Turini Low Interest Car Loan Australia-1.jpgThe Col De Turini has been a permanent fixture in the Monte Carlo Rally and is widely regarded as one of the Top 10 challenging drives in the world. The road has also been used in the Tour de France several times. It is a exhilarating drive with long straights linking 34 hairpin bends running from Sospel to La Bollène. At its highest point the road reaches 1607 metres and the views are an awesome sight to behold.


Col du Turini Personal Loan Holiday AustraliaThe bottom section is wide and flowing (fast, especially on a sports performance bike!), but narrow, and with several blind corners. Hugging the mountainside and going through it, up through the trees, the road becomes more challenging. Hairpin bends aplenty, rock on one side and sheer vertical drops on the other, the top section is extremely twisty. With fallen rocks sometimes in the road this is not a road to lose concentration on!


Col du Turini Motorcycle Loan Australia

The Col Du Turini lends itself to being at its very best behind the wheel of  a classic Mercedes, Jag or Porsche, in pure European style. Unlike many of the famous mountain pass roads in Switerland, Italy or France, Turini tends to be quieter most of the year Nothing spoils an amazing road faster than a line of cars snaking back kilometers due to a slow moving vehicle ahead. Particularly on the bottom section where some speed can be built up its heaven not to be stuck behind a line of campervans. Avoid if scheduled to be part of the Tour De France in July! The Col du Turini is one of the favourites in our series of World's Greatest Drives.


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