World's Greatest Drives - Los Angeles to Las Vegas through Death Valley

Posted by Ken Edwards on 30 April, 2017

Mclaren Car Loan AustraliaJagged, rugged, severe, beautiful, sublime -- these are perfect descriptions of Death Valley National Park. 'Surprising' is a GREAT word for the greater Death Valley area. There are colourful desert vistas everywhere. Geological history is on full display. However, there are also lush pockets of green plant life, Old West remnants and funky contemporary enclaves in this desert-moutain-great roads wonderland!

Personal Loan Holiday AustraliaYou're going to see a lot of pretty scenery from from Los Angeles to Las Vegas  - from your car. You'll spend much of the day in the air-conditioned comfort of your vehicle. Once you get out there, consider slowing down a bit. At one of these beautiful spots, take a half hour walk. If you're at Salt Creek, sit and watch the pupfish. Walk out onto the whiteness at Badwater (you might want to bring a few rags or paper towels to clean the salt off your soles when you get back to the car). Hike your way out into the dunes. Take time to get away from your car (don't forget to carry plenty of water!) and savour the silence.


The largest national park in the United States outside of Alaska, Death Valley is an almost unfathomable place.


The park’s 1.34 million hectares encompass mountain-size sand dunes, below-sea-level salt flats, mysterious singing rocks, and colourful sandstone canyons. Extremes are the norm: Death Valley is the hottest and driest place in America, with summer temperatures peaking above 49°C, and average rainfall of less than 5 cm per year. Also extreme are the park’s elevations: Badwater Basin, the park’s lowest spot, rests at 86 metres below sea level while Telescope Peak soars to 3,368 metres. So go high, or go very, very low; get hot, or chill out with amazing desert vistas. Death Valley delivers on every end of the scale.


Los Angeles to Las Vegas - one of the World's Great Drives !


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