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When a Clean Driving Record Doesn’t Guarantee Insurance Savings

Posted by Jane Clothier on 16 September, 2015


When you’re buying a new car, it’s important to think about the hidden costs of running the vehicle. After the initial car finance deal, one of the most variable factors you will come across is the cost of your car insurance. What may come as an unpleasant surprise is that when you ring round for quotations on a particular model of car,  your clean driving record won't guarantee a healthy quotation. This is because some insurers offering monthly payments will take your credit score into account when setting the premium for your policy.


Find it hard to believe? Charisse Jones of USA Today reports that US-based Consumer Reports assessed the results from an incredible 2 billion quotations given by more than 700 insurers. What researchers found was that insurers were interpreting the customer’s credit score and using this as a basis for a quotation, weighing this above and beyond the driver's previous accident rates or even driving under the influence. And the difference in total payment wasn’t a small one: a convicted drunk driver with a good credit score would pay up to US$1500 less than a clean driver with some history of missing bill payments.


It’s certainly a worrying finding. This was in America, but Australians should also be cautious, as credit scores can affect the offers received from any financial institution, including insurers. So when it comes to finding car insurance, the only way to ensure you’re receiving a fair deal is to get as many quotations as possible. You should repeat this every year, especially if you've experienced a financial rough patch.


If you receive a better offer with a quick website quote, find out whether the company is going to conduct a credit check. Wait to see what the outcome of the check is on their full quote and, if there is no unexplained increase, add it to your list of possibles. If there’s a sudden price hike, cross them off and move along.


Nobody likes ringing around for quotations, but it can literally save you hundreds if your credit score is poor or has taken a turn for the worse. Always consider switching insurers if it’s in your best interests, for you’re well within your rights to do so. What may have been good five years ago may not be good for you any longer.


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