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Summernats 30 is Just Around the Corner | Jan 5 - 8, 2017

Posted by Ken Edwards on 16 December, 2016


Summernats or Summer Nationals is Australia's largest car festival and held at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) at the beginning of each year. This coming year, Summernats 30 is set to burn rubber and rock n’ roll from January 5th to 8th, 2017.

It is already breaking records with 2000 entrants and counting! The previous record was 1,952. With the huge number of entrants and people excited about Summernats 30, the event will surely be breaking more records in 2017.





The City Cruise is a feast for your eyes and ears. It features hundreds of muscle cars rolling the streets of Canberra with a combined horsepower of over 150,000! That may now be an understatement considering the number of entrants Summernats 30 now has.


The pack of muscle cars leaves the Exhibition Park midday Thursday, January 5 and heads to the nation's capital before returning to EPIC.


Make sure to bring your cameras - some participants will let you hear and see just how badass their rides are when they notice that you’re filming the cruise!



Insane is probably the best word to describe this exciting and most anticipated event in the Summernats. When the engines start howling and the entire area gets covered in smoke, it becomes a whole body experience. You hear it, you smell it and you feel the power in your chest.

The Burnouts in 2015 holds the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous car-tyre burnout and for sure the organisers will try to beat that come Summernats 30.



There are 3 burnout competitions and all of them are a must-watch!
LAST CHANCE WILDCARD BURNOUTS – For those wanting to grab the last 3 slots in the Burnout Masters.
THE SUMMERNATS BURNOUT CHAMPIONSHIP – The hundred participants will be trimmed to the 50 who will be competing for the National Burnout Masters.
THE NATIONAL BURNOUT MASTERS – The best burnout drivers all over Australia compete for the year-long bragging rights and the coveted title, Burnout Master.


Top 10 Burnout Masters



Horsepower Heroes

If you think your muscle car packs the most power among all the entrants, head out to the Dyno Clinic and compete for the Horsepower Hero title.

Jake Edwards’ 2000hp Torana is the current title holder. Though it did not reach the 2000hp mark, 1,782.7hp is still more power than anybody can handle.

Summernats Horsepower Heroes Jake Edwards' 2000hp Torana


Driving Events


Summernats 30 would not be complete without the driving events. The entrants driving skills are put to the test. Muscle cars require more skills to manage than your everyday driver.
Drivers (with passenger) on the grass of the Main Arena test their skills by driving around a series of markers and returning to the start bay as quickly as possible. You may incur a penalty if you hit the markers.
Driving in a continuous drift around the cones. From a standing start to a standing finish in a clover leaf pattern turning left to the start/finish line.
A timed two-person event requires the passenger to collect a flag from each of the six parking bays as quick as possible. Drivers, alternating in forward and reverse directions, parking as close to the flag collection point as possible, where the passenger remains in the vehicle while retrieving the flag.

Here are some highlights from Summernats 26 so you can see how fun it could be;





Two cars at a time in a side-by-side go-whoa position whereby the object is to accelerate to a standing stop in the finish area wins and progresses through to the next round.

When the light goes green drivers are to accelerate towards the stop area and ensure they cross the finish line but stop before the red line. If they pass the red (second) line, they will be disqualified. If both cars drive over the red line then the fastest time will determine the winner as long as the car stops.

Here’s a Tesla S doing a Go-Whoa in Summernats 29




Miss Summernats brings together the most knowledgeable, car savvy, fun loving and beautiful women you’ll ever meet.




This is where it gets confusing. You’re wondering whether it’s a car you’re looking at or an extremely good audio system shaped like a car.

Summernats Car Audio soundoff 29 -2.jpgSummernats Car Audio soundoff 29.jpg



























If you have an ink that is gallery worthy or you just want to have some “inkspiration”, head over to the V8 bar on Jan 7 (Saturday) from 3pm onwards and witness one of the most unique competitions in the world.

There are separate judging categories for both male and female as follows...
Best Arm (Male & Female)
Best Leg (Male & Female)
Best Chest (Male & Female)
Best Back (Male & Female)
Best Overall (Male & Female)

Summernats Body Ink Tattoo Competition.jpg

Summernats Body Ink Tattoo Competition 2.jpgSummernats 30 Program Schedule



Summernats City Cruise
Outside Traders Open
Judging of cars - Meguiars Pavilion
Last Chance Shootout Wild Card Burnouts
Cruise the Track - Non Burnout Entrants
Drive in movie
Thursday night entertainment


Exhibitors Pavilions open
Outside Traders Open
Judging of cars - Meguiars Pavilion
Anest Iwata Airbrush Art Exhibition
Heads up Go-Whoa Qualifying
Summernats Burnout Championship eliminations
Tuff Street Monsters in Tuff Street
Shannon’s Show n’ Shine on Main Arena
Kids club
Horsepower Heroes Shootout & Dyno Clinic
Grass Driving Events
Cruise the Track - Non Burnout Entrants
Meguiars Top 60 Show Cars
The Great Meguiars Uncover
Friday night entertainment


Exhibitors Pavilions open
Outside Traders Open
Shannon’s Show n’ Shine on Main Arena
Anest Iwata Airbrush Art Exhibition
Anest Iwata Airbrush Art Awards
Kids club
Meguiars Top 60 Show Cars
Rare Spares Elite Awards –Meguiars Pavilion
Horsepower Heroes Shootout & Dyno Clinic
Grass Driving Events
Heads up Go-Whoa Qualifying
Summernats Burnout Championship eliminations
National Burnout Masters Eliminations
Tuff Street Monsters in Tuff Street
Tuff Street Awards– Tuff Street Stage
Miss Summernats
Body Ink Competition
Rare Spares Street Awards – Main Arena
Shannon’s Show n’ Shine & Club Awards- Main Arena
Saturday Night Entertainment


Exhibitors Pavilions open
Outside Traders Open
Meguiars Top 60 Show Cars
Anest Iwata Airbrush Art Exhibition
FM104.7 Car Audio Soundoff - Meguiars Pavilion
Vibrance Supreme Entrant Show + Awards – Central Park
Classic + Vintage Car Display - Main Arena
Freestyle Fun grass driving event – main arena
Horsepower Heroes Shootout & Dyno Clinic finals
Heads-up Go-Whoa finals
Summernats Grand Champion crowned
Summernats Burnout Championship finals
National Burnout Masters finals- Final Ten Face-off


Summernats 30 Ticket Information





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