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Moving Bikes Is A Breeze with a Rampless Trailer

Posted by Jane Clothier on 21 May, 2017

Motorcycle Loan AustraliaThere are times when you need to trailer your bike on your own. You might be heading off on a summer break with the family, going to hang out with a mate for a week, or taking the trail bike up into the mountains. And  when there’s nobody around to help you load up, the best mate you can have is a rampless trailer.

Good news is that there’s a new Australian design that fits the bill. The Rampless Trailer does what it says on the tin and allows you to load your bike at ground level, reports Mick Matheson in a recent Australian Road Rider article.

How? The idea is beautiful in its simplicity – you wheel the bike onto a winched platform that’s sitting flush with the ground. Once the bike is in position and strapped down, the platform is pivoted back into its travelling position in the 8 x 4ft boxed trailer frame.

Designer Jeff Levin admits it’s not the first trailer of this type, but it’s a new Australian design that won’t come with import costs attached. Like all good design, the mechanism is more complex than it looks, with three different levers involved in keeping the bike securely level as the ramp is raised into position.

Yet, like all good design, it’s fantastically intuitive to use. Everything has been thought of. When you wheel the bike on, the front wheel drops into an adjustable holder, leaving you free to fit the tie-downs. It’s easy to handle and can be towed behind even small vehicles. Meanwhile, its minimal weight of just 250kg means it can carry a 500kg load, while remaining well inside the Australian limit for unbraked trailers.

At the moment, Jeff is fulfilling orders with individually constructed trailers. Australian Road Rider reports that for the customer, the cost of $2950 is the same as that of the planned factory-built output. The major benefit is that at this stage, it’s customisable too.

Why wait? Now is the perfect time to order a new Rampless Trailer, hand built to order, but at factory prices. You can contact Jeff Levin through his website.


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