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How to Completely Take the Risk Out of Buying a Used Car

Posted by Jane Clothier on 16 September, 2015

buy a used car australia

Aussies are known for never being slow to take up a bargain. For many of us car buyers, it’s a matter of forget the fancy adverts – what’s the best a used car dealer can offer us?


Despite this, buying a used car is a bit like walking through a minefield. Of course there are gems out there, but there are also plenty of explosive devices that could send your money up in a cloud of smoke.


And yet should buying a used car mean taking a huge risk? If you’re determined to pay rock bottom prices, then an element of risk is going to be unavoidable. But you may be interested to learn that it’s possible to buy a used car, obtain a warranty and even car finance, without paying over the odds.


The majority of car dealerships in Australia offer Certified Used Cars, which are the best of the brand's lease returns and trade-ins. All of these vehicles undergo a comprehensive inspection and come with a full warranty. However, this will come as news to many prospective used car buyers. That's because the majority of used cars come through classified sales or independent used car dealerships, with all the negatives and positive aspects that come with such arrangements. Only a tiny percentage of used cars bought in Australia are Certified Used Cars.


If you occupy that higher area of the used car market that rests just below new car purchase and quite a bit higher than bargain basement, then this should come as good news. All Certified Used Cars are relatively new and have few kilometres on the clock. Thorough inspections are carried out during which every detail is scrutinised, which is sufficient to earn the cars a factory warranty.


Note – that’s not the dealer’s warranty, but the manufacturer’s, which will be honoured across the brand’s dealerships, nationwide. For you, the buyer, this represents a low risk option that opens up many area of car loans and car finance.

And if you’re still not happy, some arrangements can even allow you to exchange for another Certified Used Car. This element of security alone makes the slightly higher premium on the purchase price more than worthwhile.