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Common Causes of Road Rage and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Gary Oak on 25 October, 2016

common causes of road rageAustralia is going toe to toe with the US when it comes to road rage. Aggressive gestures, verbal abuse, blocking drivers off, cutting, are some of the common incidents that happen on the road. Many of these lead to physical injury and even death. It is very sad because, if you think of it, any incident on the road like getting cut-off is not worth the pain that you will experience if you let your anger get the best of you.

In a recent incident in Adelaide, a pedestrian died just because 2 men were in a fit of road rage and one was chasing the other. The death, and trouble the drivers are now in, could have been avoided if they just kept their cool.

You are literally ruining your life and the other person’s life if you give in to road rage.

Knowledge is power so the more you know the better are your chances in avoiding them. These are intensifiers of rage because you don’t just get there without underlying reasons like stress, traffic, and other problems. Here are some of the causes of road rage;
• Getting cut-off.
• Someone tailing dangerously close.
• Slow drivers who won’t get off the fast lane.
• Turning without using the signal lights.
• Unable to merge in traffic because other drivers won’t let you in.
• Getting honked at profusely.
• The car upfront keeps on braking for no apparent reason.

These are petty reasons and kind of funny if you’re reading this but it is a whole lot different when you are experiencing these on the road. It is sometimes easier to give in to anger than to breathe deep and let it pass.

Before we talk about how to avoid road rage, did you know that road rage is a medical condition? It is called Intermittent Explosive Behavior and it has huge implications on your health and relationships.
Tried and tested ways to avoid road rage
Get a good night sleep – A well-rested body and mind is a calm body and mind.
Listen to soothing and relaxing music – This may depend on the type of music that affects your mood. A recent study in Australia shows that heavy metal music may not make a person angrier if that is his/her type of music.
Accept and tolerate what you can’t control – Traffic, road works, and bad drivers are there whether you like it or not. Why stress yourself with them every single day ? You lose, whichever way you look at it.
Be considerate – People make mistakes so don’t take it personally.
Be thankful – Think of all the things that you are thankful for. Think of how blessed you are and I’m sure getting angry will be way back in your mind.
Like Ellen DeGeneres always says, "Be kind to one another".

Road rage should not have a place in your life. It affects you in more ways than you can imagine and that feeling of anger is a burden emotionally and physically. Many lives have been ruined by road rage so don’t let yourself be one of the statistics.

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