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Better Thank The Banks

Posted by Jane Clothier on 16 September, 2015

finance a new car

Banks no longer automatically give loans to finance a new car or house even for existing customers. Even a good credit rating isn’t enough to ensure one. People assume that they can or it’s easier to go to their bank for a loan when in fact in some cases its not. They find themselves applying for loans directly with banks and not even releasing they are doing more damage to their credit file which will limit their options.


Unfortunately there are many misconceptions when it comes to finance and one is that customers should be trying to apply directly with the banks because they think they can do it themselves without help. Why not do this? Because most brokers have the experience and a panel of lenders which at any given time can offer specials or rather prefer to buy certain assets. That means you have more options available to you which a broker can research and recommend, or even sell you as a customer to obtain a better deal to a potential lender.


We find as brokers that most customers are unhappy about their current arrangement and more often than not it is a bank set deal. Customers are locked into long term liability and really also have not had the right products added to ensure there is an exit strategy without huge debts left when they try and get out of the deal they put in.


It’s a common story but it’s not the end of the road for would-be borrowers.   Newer players are emerging in the finance arena, and they need a close look that will evaluate your requirements and match the best deal or most appropriate lender to your finance requests.


Companies like 1800Approved, named Australia’s Fastest Growing Start-up under 5 years furnish a deep understanding of who can manage debt and how they do it.  Added to that comes a practical knowledge of customers’ needs, and together this reduces  the risks associated with lending.


The banks need to learn a thing or two about better understanding their customers, and they need to dump their one size fits all approach. They also need to come under the same legislation which brokers have to abide by which is designed to ensure customers interests are first and not the dollar.


It’s quicker and simpler to deal with a finance broker than to visit a bank, and it‘s more likely to score a positive outcome in the end. If the banks remain short-sighted, their customers will leave in droves, to join the new players with their fast, flexible solutions.  Brokers like 1800approved have a very large panel of lender at there disposal so they can measure your requirements and find a tailored solution to achieve you the best outcome.