🚗 A Car Loan Quote Can Assist You in Selling Your Car

Posted by Ken Edwards on 23 August, 2017

Sell Car Fast AustraliaSelling your car privately can be a prolonged affair. Phone calls, emails, texts and time-wasters playing havoc with your invaluable spare time. There are several ways to make your vehicle sale more effective in terms of time dedicated to he task and the final sale dollar figure you'll evetually receive. 

Did you know there’s a way you can potentially speed up the sale and achieve a better price, without even doing any extra work? Too easy, right? All you have to do is offer a car loan with your car.

If you’re an individual seller seeking a private sale, you can ask
1800Approved to provide a car loan quote for the vehicle you want to sell. You don’t even need to have past or current car finance against this or any other vehicle.


By way of example, it can be far more attractive to your potential car buyers to advertise your $25 000 vehicle as $119 per week at 8.70% over 5 years rather than the lump sum.


As the seller, you are also in a stronger position and under less pressure to lower the price. Your negotiating position is improved. You can avoid dropping to the minimum market price and instead sell close to or at your advertised asking price of $25K. 


More often than not, cars usually sell quicker using this method as its a quicker for the mind of your buyer to process a repayment at $119 per week rather than a larger $25k lump sum.

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