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6 Golden Rules to Follow When Selling Your Car Online

Posted by Jane Clothier on 17 January, 2016

rules when selling your car onlineSelling cars online can be a bit like walking through a minefield. One wrong step, and the consequences can be expensive. Here, we provide 6 valuable rules for selling your car online. This will improve chances of a sale at the right price, while strengthening your negotiating position.

1. Do your research. Before writing an advert, make sure you know the following. The more information you can enter into the advert template, the more reassuring for buyers.

  • Rego year; make, model and variant; VIN; Factory Paint Colour; manufacture year; engine size; standard L/100km.
  • Common issues for this model.
  • What is the price range for this model in this condition? Check redbook.com.au or www.caradvice.com.au for averages. Remember that today’s prices influenced by supply and demand, so watch current adverts to see what actually sells. Go by what will sell, rather than what you feel it should be worth.
  • Research your car’s history to add to the advert. You can buy individual reports from …. It is very encouraging for buyers. Compile your service history, even if its not complete.

2. Select a good site. In Australia, there are three main sites for car sales.

  • carsales.com.au offers free ads for lower value cars, with more features for the paid Standard and Premium ads. carpoint.com.au is owned by the same network and offers similar packages to Car Sales.
  • carsguide.com.au currently offers free advertising with paid extras to make your advertisement stand out. Their database is growing and provides a great place to sell your car.
  • gumtree.com.au provides free advertising, with special features for extra visibility at additional cost.

3. Detail your car before before photographing it! This means a thorough interior and exterior clean.

4. Take high-res photos that show every side of the car, interior details, boot or tray, tyre tread, and under the bonnet. Take more than one from each angle so you can select the best. Use a good background and avoid patchy shade.

5. Be honest about the negatives, such as dents, paint repairs and maintenance needs. This builds trust and prevents the buyer from negotiating large price reductions.

6. Give contact details you actually use and always include a phone number. You’ll lose potential buyers if you only give an email address. If you’re concerned about privacy, carsales.com.au and carpoint.com.au provide virtual phone numbers for Premium advertisers.

If you get all this right, you should receive plenty of enquiries, leading to a straightforward car sale at an optimum price.


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