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More Choice for Aussie RV Travellers as Jayco Expands

Posted by Jane Clothier on 28 October, 2015

The Australian market for motorhomes has never been stronger, and now offers more choice than ever before to the country’s travellers. At the heart of the expansion is manufacturer Jayco Australia, which, according to new boss Carl Bizon, is currently doubling its production of motorhomes for domestic buyers. More good news for part-time travellers who want to travel twithout investing in a vehicle is a new move into RV rentals.

According to caravancampingsales.com.au, Bizon is widening the range of models by bringing back the smaller campervans and exploring affordable options such a slide-on ute campers. Both types of vehicle are popular with Australia’s rental companies, along with larger motorhomes, and Jayco is aiming at this tourist rental market.


“We’ve got some new models due next year. We’re in the process of upping production right now, and by the time we get to Christmas we’ll be at the highest level of production we’ve achieved,” says CEO Carl Bizon.


This in turn opens up another business area: the sale of ex-rental vehicles. Rental vehicles will be retired from the fleet once they have completed 70-80K, usually at the 4-5 year mark.


This means vehicles will still have years of efficient motoring remaining while the price will reflect the individual levels of wear and tear. Bizon sees this as opening up RV ownership to customers who might previously have only considered a caravan, due to the additional purchase costs.


Behind the expansion is the 40-year-old RV company’s move into larger new premises in Dandenong, Victoria. The timing is positive, as RV sales are stable in Australia, despite the economic uncertainties of recent years.


Overall sales are still short of the peak years, but Jayco’s diversification looks set to change that. With few players in the Australian RV market – the others are Avida, Trakka and Avan – this can only be good news for Australia’s holiday travellers.


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