Things to Consider When Applying for a Truck Loan

  • Number of years in business.
  • Industry.
  • Is a Deposit required?
  • Is collateral required?
  • Are there current financial statements available for assessment?
  • Are there existing truck/equipment loans?
  • Are you trying to buy new or used trucks?
  • What’s total amount to be financed?

These may look difficult to navigate through but the process is fairly simple and our seasoned finance brokers will assist you through it. We have over 40 lenders in our panel and are sure to get you the best deal possible.

Truck Finance Interest Rate

Truck Loan Interest Rate

Interest rates vary from business to business. It depends on the circumstances, however, we have had truck loans approved for as low as 4.95% interest.

Bad Credit Truck Loan

Bad Credit?

No worries. we will find a solution. We have over 40 lenders in our panel and many of them offer bad credit truck loans.

Pre Approved Truck Loan

Pre-Approved Truck Financing

If you want to know how much your business can be approved for, contact us for our easy pre-approved process. This is highly recommended to know how much you can spend when you visit a dealer. Shop with the buying power of cash.

Truck Loan Australia

Trucks Available for Financing

Prime mover, Concrete Truck, Refrigerated Truck, Livestock Truck, Crane Truck, Car Carrier, Pantec Truck, Water Truck, Tilt Tray Truck, Tip Truck.

Full Doc or Low Doc Truck Loan

Past difficulties or even the current financial situation of your business may potentially limit you in being approved for a truck loan, especially with the banks. how can you grow your business if you can't buy the truck that will help you earn more money?

In this situation, a low doc truck loan may be the best option. Our lender partners will determine your capacity to pay via bank statements, payments history on existing finance, etc. Required paperwork may vary depending on your circumstances. If you think a low doc truck loan is perfect for you, contact us at 1800 277 768 so we can assess your situation and find you the best solution.

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Wide Range Of Lenders

With a choice of more than 40 lenders available, we will customise the best deal possible to suit your needs and potentially have you approved for finance as soon as possible.