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Getting the right insurance to protect your car is just as important as getting the right finance. That’s why we offer a range of comprehensive car insurance products which we can tailor to your specific needs. Speak to one of our insurance experts today about getting the best deal when it comes to insuring your vehicle against storms, vandalism and accidents.

If you’re currently looking at getting auto insurance, you might have noticed just how competitive the industry is. There are literally dozens of different companies who all want you as their next client. And although the sheer volume of different insurance providers and types of cover can make choosing the right one a nightmare, the competition is actually good news for you because it helps to drive down the prices.

Thanks to 1800Approved, you can take advantage of the discounted prices without the hassle of comparing insurance policies or filling out piles of paperwork yourself. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll handle the rest; making sure you get the best insurance policy for your car and circumstances. Our experts can also explain any particular issues of relevance to your situation – for example, did you know that it’s compulsory to provide financial protection against physical damage if your vehicle is to be financed by any major lender?

We understand what matters to the majority of car insurance customers: Cost. Ease. Speed. Peace of mind that everything is covered. Security and privacy of personal data. 1800Approved places equal importance on all those issues, which is we’ve been rated number 1 in all of these categories.

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