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Types of Home Loans

Fixed Rate - A fixed rate mortgage allows you to set your budget throughout the term of the loan. Know exactly what you need to pay month after month.

Variable Rate – – Enjoy financial flexibility with variable mortgage rates. Your monthly repayments may go up or down depending on the official cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Rates are also lower with this type of home loan.

Split Rate – A portion of your home loan will have a fixed interest rate while the remainder will have a variable rate. This is perfect if you want predictability on your mortgage payments and still be able to take advantage of rate cuts in the future.

Interest Only – Pay down the interest only for a specific period of time. Depending on the loan term, you may choose to pay for interest only for 5, 10, or even 15 years.

Low Doc Home Loans – Get approved without having to submit documents that a conventional home loan would require. This is perfect for businessmen and self-employed who may not have all the necessary documents to obtain a home loan.

Investment Property Loan – These are property bought for the purpose of earning money from it. Interest rates are usually high and lenders may require additional documents if a home loan is for investment purposes.

Refinancing –Perfect to obtain money for home renovations or to refinance an existing loan and save. You stand to save thousands of dollars if you can refinance your home loan at a lower interest rate.

Line of Credit – With a line of credit or LOC, you can take out a loan against a portion of the equity of your home. Your home will serve as security for the LOC.

Offset –An offset is a bank account linked to your mortgage. This results to lower interest payments since the balance in your account is offset against your loan. In short, the lender pretends that the account balance is part of your payment.

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Home Loan Requirements

Requirements may vary depending on your circumstances and the type of home loan you are applying for. In general, you will need the documents listed below. It is best to speak with a finance broker in order to weigh your options and prepare the necessary documents.

Credit Information – This is usually accessed using your SSN. You may also check your credit information and dispute inconsistencies before applying for a home loan. This increases your chances of getting approved.

Proof of Employment – The length of your current employment may also play a role in the approval of your home loan. Lenders may request for a list of your past employers as well.

Proof of Income – Usually, a few months of pay slips are required in order to determine your annual income and ability to repay the loan.

Bank Statements – Lenders will want to know how healthy you are financially. Will you be able to pay the down payment? If so, will you have enough money left to cover other expenses and repayments?

Debt to Income Ratio – Lenders may ask about your outstanding debts like existing loans, credit card debts, etc. These are important factors that determine your ability to repay the home loan.

Self-employment Documents – If you are a business owner, you may have to provide business information like bank statement, license information, etc…

All Australian States and Territories in Regional, Remote and Metropolitan areas: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Western Australia.

Specific emphasis on major population centres such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Wollongong, Logan City, Townsville, Geelong, Sunshine Coast, Cairns and Albury/Wodonga.

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