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Bad Credit Car Loan

Bad credit car loans are very common and many lenders are now offering customised finance solutions to individuals and businesses with bad credit. Unfortunately, at times, people can become victims of circumstances and have a lower than average credit score. Specialised lenders are willing to help them get back on their feet.

A new car loan may just be thing you need to help you fix your credit score.

Common causes of a bad credit score

  • Bankruptcy
  • Late credit card payments
  • Late payments on bills
  • Defaults
  • Maxed out credit cards or high credit card balances
  • Too many credit cards
  • Foreclosed home

Our Finance Brokers will check your credit score for you as part of the service of the loan application process and will help you craft a finance solution that will best suit your needs.

Tips to getting approved for a bad credit car loan.

Manage your debts – It will be a big plus if you can show that you’ve been working hard to manage your debts. If you have debts from different sources, consolidating them is very good step.

Pay your bills on time.

Be honest – Lenders will know if you have bad credit or not. Hiding it from them is not recommended. Instead, prove to them that you can pay back your car loan. This can be done by showing current financial statements that reflect good debt management.

Speak with a professional – Expert finance brokers that have extensive experience in bad credit car loans can help you navigate through the process. You have better chances of being approved if you seek the assistance of a finance broker.

Interest Rates

Interest rates can potentially be higher with a bad credit car loan. Rates are becoming significantly lower as many lenders now offer second chance car loans.

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