We have been making a huge impact in the car financing industry in Perth, Australia. We’ve helped employees, tradies, and business owners secure a car loan in as fast as 1 day.

Over 40 top lenders in Australia – That is the number of lenders we have in our panel. We partnered with them in order to give you the best quotes as quickly as possible.

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Why Choose 1800Approved?

We have the highest approval rate in the industry and have a roster of satisfied customers. We can help you even if you have a bad credit history or, if you’re self-employed, have less documents to show.

Our mission is to help as many people in Perth secure a car loan.

Be a 1800Approved customer and feel the difference.

  • Very easy application process. As easy as 1,2,3
  • Same day approval (Except for special situations)
  • The lowest interest rate possible. As low as 4.90%
  • Less documents required.
  • Ready to help employees, self-employed, tradies, and business owners.

Pre-Approved Car Loans

Be at a better bargaining position with a pre approved car loan in Perth. Dealerships know that what you have is as good as cash so make sure to squeeze out every dollar that you can from that price tag. Make sure to ask for freebies too.

As low as 4.90% Interest Rate

Interest rates are hard to predict but we can assure you this. We will get you the lowest interest rate possible. Try us.

New and Private Sale Car Finance in Perth

We assist new and used car buyers.

Car Loans for Businesses

Businesses require a special attention. Navigating through a business car loan may be complicated that is why we have a dedicated team specialising in the matter.

What are my options?


One of the easiest way to own a car. You lease a car for a specified number of years and you can either own it or trade it in for a newer model after the term of the lease. We’ll explain everything for you. Call us today!

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Novated Leasing

This is a 3-way agreement and a great way for employees to own a new car and for business owners to provide an added benefit to their employees. Repayments are taken from the employee’s pre-tax income resulting to a bigger take home pay. Fill out the form for more details.

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Chattel Mortgage

Many business owners use this option to buy a car, truck, equipment, or other vehicle. The lender gives you the money to buy the vehicle and they uses the asset as security for the loan. Fill out the form and we'll get you started with chattel mortgage.

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Hire Purchase

Commonly used by businesses to acquire vehicles and other equipment. The lender makes the purchase and you hire it for a number of years. You take ownership of the vehicle or equipment after the end of the term and the last payment is made.

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Bad credit car loans

This is one of our specialities. We've helped lots of people secure a car loan in Perth even if they have a bad credit history. Contact us and see how we can help you.

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Low Doc Car Loans

This option is for you if you are a business owner or are self-employed and do not have the necessary documents needed for a regular car loan. If you think securing a car loan is impossible because of less documents, contact us and see how can help you.

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Car financing may be difficult to navigate if you do not have an expert to guide through. That is what we provide here at 1800Approved Finance Solutions. Expert advice for an easy car loan process.

We have been helping people secure a car loan in Perth for years and we want you to be one of our satisfied customers.

Fill out the form today so we can help you drive your dream car soon.



Wide Range Of Lenders

With a choice of more than 40 lenders available, we will customise the best deal possible to suit your needs and potentially have you approved for finance as soon as possible.

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