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🌍World's Greatest Drives - 🌴Cairns to Port Douglas🌴

Posted by Ken Edwards on 5 August, 2017

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It is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Australia - Far North Queensland own "Great Ocean Road" up and it is easily just as good as the Victorian one!

We struggle to think of a more beautiful and spectacular. The short drive (approximately 60km) than that from Trinity Beach (just north of Cairns) to Port Douglas. This is part of the Captain Cook Highway. A great drive by car, however, better still, a motorcycle.


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Heading towards Port Douglas you have mountainous tropical forest on your left hand side. On your right hand side you have fantastic beaches and the blue of the Coral Sea.


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The road is a little winding, but it is wide and there is nothing to cause experienced drivers any concern at all. From Cairns it will take you an hour, from Trinity Beach just 45 minutes. Port Douglas in itself is a great destination - fantastic beaches, very beautiful and with some good eateries.


Cairns to Port Douglas is one of our favourites in our series of World's Greatest Drives !

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