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Top 5 Celebrities that love their Exotic Cars

Posted by Ken Edwards on 19 June, 2017


Luxury Car Loan AustraliaYou often hear about a celebrity dropping an obscene amount of money on a luxury car.

We can help your imagination run wild a little more.

One of the first things many celebrities do when they make it in the world of showbusiness or sports is buy a sweet ride to park in the driveway of their mansion.

Here is our  list of  the Top 5 celebrities that drive some of the worlds most expensive cars;


1. Sean Connery - Aston DB5

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2. Jerry Seinfeld - Porsche 959

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3. Floyd Mayweather - Bugatti Veyron

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4. Kanye West - Lamborghini Aventador

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5. Tiger Woods - Mercedes S65

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