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Top 5 Affordable Performance Cars in Australia

Posted by Ken Edwards on 5 June, 2017

Toyota 86 Car LoanEveryone knows come End of Financial Year car bargains are readily available. There are great chances for you to push the financial envelope when it comes to purchasing a new car to close out the Financial Year.

Allow 1800Approved to finance the vehicle that will get you the most performance bang for your buck!

Here is our 1800Approved list of the Top 5 Affordable Performance Cars on the Australian Market today;


1. Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ - The most 'un-Toyota' looking vehicle that the Japanese manufacturer produces. Co-branded as the Subaru BRZ.

Toyota 86.jpg

2. Volkswagen Golf GTI - A perennial inclusion in most lists of great performance vehicles with light, sleek and elegant Europen lines.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Car Loan Australia

 3. Subaru WRX - A Leader in the Power-to-Dollar-Ratio Stakes

Subaru WRX Car Loan Australia

4. Hyundai Velostar Turbo - Power like this for under $30k ? Yes, its possible !

Hyundai Velostar Car Loan Australia.

5. Kia Cerato Turbo Coupe - Nope, that doesn't look like a Getz, does it ? Super smooth & powerful drive with very un-Korean styling.

Kia Cerato Turbo Car Loan Australia-----

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