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Low Doc Car Loans in Australia | Quick Approval

Posted by Jane Clothier on 1 September, 2016

Low Doc Car Loan AustraliaApplying for a conventional car loan can be difficult especially if you are a business owner or self employed. The number of requirements needed may be difficult to obtain or, at times, you may not feel comfortable sharing your financial documents with the bank.

In these cases, you may opt for a low doc car loan.

Generally, requirements needed for a car loan in Australia include a Driver's License (if you have one), income, expenses, liabilities, etc... but with a low doc car loan you won't need to provide all these since lenders will use other methods to determine your income or financial capability.

This ensure that Australians, especially business owners and the self employed, can secure financing for a car that they can use either personally or for business.


Self Employed or Business Owners

Business owners greatly benefit from a low doc car loan since they can claim tax deductions and GST benefits against it.

Interest Rates

Low doc car loans used to have high interest rates but with more and more lenders now offering this type of loan, interest rates have become lower.

Common Features

  • No Deposit*
  • No financials or tax returns required.
  • Minimum loan amount of $7,500.
  • Maximum of 7 years loan term.
  • Loan approval in as fast as 1 hour.

low doc car loanProcedure

Contact us and we'll do all the heavy lifting for you. We are partnered with more than 30 lenders and we are sure to provide the lowest interest rate possible.

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*Applicable to home owners with 1 year active ABN


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