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Great April Fools Day Pranks

Posted by Deniro Stocks on 31 March, 2017
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Post it note Car.jpgWhat do April Fools' Day and Cars have in common?

A variety of devilishly sinister pranks that you can use on your annoying co-worker or relative ?

Why yes, you’re welcome.


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Here are some wacky ideas for you to use this April Fools Day;

“Glad” that you showed up 

Did Jo from accounts eat your lunch, again? Give her the one-up and wrap her car in plastic. Sure, you will probably be asked to knock it out, but she’ll be thinking twice before she grabs your egg and lettuce sandwich again.

Glad Wrap Car

Fake Car Accident Notice

Drive a work colleague absolutely crazy by leaving a fake accident note on their car. then watch from a distance as you see someone rushing from side-to-side wondering what has happened to their car.Fake Accident Notice.jpg

  • Having a “Ball” of a time  - When a picture says a thousand words......Ball on Car Prank.jpg

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